Why VoIP?

Your phone is connected directly to your Internet access rather than to a so-called land line giving you a much more flexible and affordable service compared to traditional telephone services.

Our services are available to any Internet services, DSL, cable, fiber or others, regardless of your internet service provider.

With LE CENTRE INFORMATIQUE DE L’EST, your IP phone is connected directly to our Internet network through an IP gateway, ensuring high quality sound without interruption.

Keep your current phone number

By switching to our service, you can keep your existing phone number, if it's available.

Simple connection

Our specialists can install the necessary equipment to connect your IP telephone line quickly.

Mobile voicemail

Listen to your voicemail messages even when you are away. A sound file is sent to the email address of your choice automatically.


Our small devices fits perfectly in your luggage and you can connect it to any device / high speed Internet outlet to receive your calls as if you were at home.